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AdviseStream delivers a consistent advising solution for:
For Students
Empowers students to take control of their academic and career paths.
Visual planners encourage students to set aspirations and goals, create and modify multi-year plans, design their co-curricular experiences, and translate achievements into portfolio and resume formats.
Aspirations Planner
Academics & Engagement Planner
Degree Requirements & What-if Scenarios
Portfolio & Resumé Builder
My Library
For Advisors
Equips advisors with tools to manage their entire advising world in one place.
AdviseStream integrates and streamlines workflows, reports, and analyses for advisors, giving them time for quality interactions with students.
Reports & Analyses
Advising Notes
View of Advisee Profile & Planners
Advising Resource Library
For Institutions
Builds community, encourages collaboration, and streamlines processes for student success.
Our advising system provides a consistent experience for students and advisors throughout a university community while giving administrators the power to configure the system to their specific policies.
Connecting Students & Advisors
Facilitates deeper, more focused student/advisor communication.
Cuts through information overload by attaching advising notes, email, and appointments to specific advisees, while integrating with standard e-mail and calendar systems.
Advising Calendar & Events Scheduling
Advising Resource Library
Custom Student Groups
Pre-Health Advising
Offers a strategic response to the changing health professions admissions environment.
Prepare Planners provide students a holistic view of their experiences for collaborative planning with their advisors, positioning students for a strong application. With Apply Planners, students manage each step in the application process, from school selection to interviews.
Integrated Letters of Evaluation and Committee Letter workflows enable advising offices to manage their workloads and get better results for students.
AdviseStream is configurable, supporting each institution’s pre-health advising process.
Pre-Health Pipeline Programs AdviseStream allows medical school pipeline programs to remain connected with students under-represented in medicine, helping optimize student success and maximizing recruiting potential.
For Students
Explore Health Professions
Pre-Health Pathways
Apply Planners with Writing Creator
School Selector
For Advising Offices
Student Apply Planner Views
Course Competencies
Letter of Evaluation &
Committee Letter Management
Fellowship Advising
Champion your highest performing students as they seek fellowships, positioning students for a strong application and greater success.
Powerful and Targeted Student Advising
AdviseStream’s reporting and analytics help fellowship advisors identify students who have the potential to win fellowship competitions. Advisors message and track students through the creation of custom groups. Student planners provide advisors with a holistic view of experiences for collaborative planning.
Manage Workflows Efficiently
Letters of recommendation are integrated in AdviseStream and linked to workflows for selection committees and endorsement letters which enable fellowship offices to manage workloads efficiently. Advisors spend more time mentoring, resulting in greater student success.
For Students
Search opportunities
Prepare and manage applications
Connect applicants with prior awardees
For Fellowship Offices
Identify and recruit top candidates
Build applications for internal use
View Student Planners
Manage internal applications and committee reviews
Manage Letters of Evaluation & Endorsement Letters
Our Company
AdviseStream uses an evidence-based approach, distilled from years of expert advising and administrative experience in higher education.
Incubated at a leading research university and adopted by state and private institutions of all sizes, AdviseStream delivers a technology-based platform that promotes a new paradigm for collaboration supporting increased productivity and student success.
AdviseStream is cloud-based software-as-a-service and is simple to adopt. Built from the ground up with information security in mind, we use best practices to keep information private and secure.
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AdviseStream makes me a better advisor by allowing me to spend my time with students, having deeper and more focused discussions instead of data gathering.
-Advising Program Director
I saw not only the details of my course plan, but the bigger picture in terms of themes and strengths.
-Junior in College
AdviseStream has created a stronger community among our advisors. Because we are decentralized and serve students in different programs, we can now collaborate around student plans for better outcomes.
-Academic Dean
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to helping students become
successful through holistic,
sustained advising.
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